Is Wearing an SPF Sunscreen Essential in Australian Winter?

We usually wear sunscreen during the summer in Australia to protect our skin from the heat coming from the ray of the sun. That is the time that the UV index reaches 12 to 14. But during winter, the UV index scale is lower than that of the summer. With this, many are asking, do we also need to wear sunscreen protection during winter? 

Australia is a country known for dry and mild wintertime. Its temperature could drop for as low as 5 degrees Celcius or 41 degrees Fahrenheit. But because it has a very cold temperature during winter and a lower UV index, it doesn’t mean that people here must not wear SPF sunscreen. It is still important that every individual must wear SPF sunscreen before going outside because the UV index scale might reach 3 and above. Not like if the UV index scale is about less than three, the need for sunscreen is no longer needed. 

It is also a misconception most of the time that people base their sun protection on the day’s temperature. UV or Ultra Violet rays are not the same as heat from the sun rays. As the UV index reaches a high level, a Smartmessage will pop up on our phone. It will keep us all informed about the UV index scale that we are about to encounter within the day. When we received the message and the temperature is not high, it doesn’t mean that we received a message at the wrong time. It’s just that UV is not visible and cannot be felt like the heat of the sun. But it can damage just like the heat of the sun.

There are a lot of formulations that can be found nowadays in the market. There is a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. You will also find an SPF sunscreen that is specific for the face, aside from that of the SPF sunscreen for the body. This is because the skin on our face differs from the skin on our body. To completely protect ourselves from the high UV, we must always be prepared with SPF sunscreen or the Sun Protection Factor. And the sunscreen protection should be applied every two hours if you are staying outdoor.

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