The Best Mascara in 2021

One of the passions of other women is to beautify themselves. No matter how busy she gets, a woman still takes time to enhance her beauty and look more stunning. Put on a little makeup, lipstick, fix a hairdo, and voila, from a simply adorable lady to a lovely gorgeous woman. That is how the magic of makeup works. 

Good thing that these makeups are easy to find in our market today. And it makes the goal of beautification now within reach. But there is only one thing you need to consider when buying cosmetics. Is it safe to use?

One of the popular cosmetics is tubular mascara. A type of cosmetic that creates ultimate changes to your looks.

What is tubular mascara?

Tubular mascara is a cosmetic that is used to enhance eyelashes by defying the gravity on them. With the use of the tubular mascara, your thin and short eyelashes can be transformed into alive astonishing eyelashes without having them replaced with false ones.

The ordinary mascara coats lash in the pigment to make it look darker and longer. But the tubular mascara is different. It wraps polymers around the lashes and coats them in tubes. That way, you can be sure that the right amount of mascara polymers will be applied to your lashes. No scatters, no flakes. 

 What is the best tubular mascara?

Do you want to achieve stunning natural mascara? Mirenesse offers a collection of mascara designed to beautify perfectly your lashes. One of their brilliant collections is the tubular mascara. 

Why should you choose Mirenesse? 

Mirenesse’s mascaras have won 14 awards during the years in the industry. And one of these is the 2020 Cosmopolitan’s best cruelty-free option. It has become the best choice for many for its safe-to-use features.. You can achieve the exact result without getting exposed to harmful ingredients. With the Mirenesse, your eyes can still look attractive without compromising your safety. 

Their products are of premium quality. And that makes it suitable for any use especially if you have sensitive lashes. These are also usable even when you are using contact lenses, extensions, or false lashes. 

Aside from the fact that it has no harmful contents, it’s full, lifted and the curled look lasts up to 24 hours. And it is waterproofed.


How to use tubular mascara?

Using tubular mascara is now less challenging and less effort. In fact, you can apply it on your lashes in less than a minute. To achieve a mesmerizing mascara look, you must follow these two simple and easy steps.

The first is to curl your lashes. If you want to achieve more lively and curled lashes, prepare your curled eyelashes. You must have an eyelash curler with you and make sure that there are no remnants from yesterday’s mascara. Place your lashes between the clamps, almost close to the eyelid, and close the clamp for just a few seconds. Then release, and repeat until you achieve the perfect curl. Apply the same thing to the other eye. 

And the second step is to apply the tubular mascara. After the cleaning of remnants and adding of curls, it is now time to apply the tubular mascara. Open the end with the cap and use the other end to apply the polymer on the lashes. Through this step, it will help protect, nourish and add volume to the lashes. You will feel comfortable the entire day on your mascara. 

Many women are now enjoying the benefit of using the Tubular Mascara. You, too, can enjoy the harmful-free tubular mascara from Mirenesse. And indulge in the volume and stunning look that it can add to your eyelashes.


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