How to Choose the Best Face Moisturizer for the Winter Months

If you are living in a country where there is winter, you must know the pros and cons of having snow and winter weather. One of the cons of having the winter weather is that it makes the skin dry and dull. Its freezing temperatures, low humidity, and cold winds are the ones that suck the moisture out of the skin and leave it dry and dull. And the only solution for drying and dulling skin is proper skincare. The best way to properly care for the skin is with the use of skincare products. But how would you know if the skin care product that you are about to buy will fit your skin type? 

Not all of us know that skincare for the winter is not like that skincare for the summer. Just like your routine for the summer where you can wear a top tank and shorts outdoor, you have to change it for the winter. But what makes it winter and summer similar are that it both requires proper skincare. So here are the ideas that you may use as your guide in picking the best face moisturizer for the winter months.

  • Know your skin type. You need to know the type of skin that you have for you to know the right kind of moisturizer to use. 
    • Normal skin – dermatologists suggest the use of a lotion that has 5-10% Cyclomethicone. But just a light, clear water-based, and alcohol-free moisturizer will work for your skin. 
    • Oily Skin – if you have oily skin, the more likely that you are prone to acne. Avoid using thick creams, it will only irritate the skin. The use of non-comedogenic is the best moisturizer. 
    • Dry Skin – the best option is a thick ointment that will lock in moisture to your skin. Petroleum-based products would best fit the skin such as Vaseline, Eucerin, and Aquaphor. It helps the water to stay on your skin. Thus, this routine is best done at night because it can be too shiny and heavy it will be used during the day.
  • Know the time and place where you will use it. Consider the time and place where you are going to use the moisturizer. There are instances that you will need to apply a light moisturizer during the daytime, while at nighttime is a heavier one. Or use light moisturizing lotion for the face and heavy cream for the body. These moisturizers should be applied right after taking a shower.

These are the simple yet helpful ideas that you must consider upon choosing the right moisturizer for your face during the winter months. Make sure to know your skin type, the time, and the place where you will use it before even applying it. The proper skin care will prevent your skin from being damaged.  

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