3 Tips for Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are now very popular to use because they can further beautify the one who uses them. It adds length, volume, and you can make a hairdo any way you want. It can be matched with the color of your hair. With this, you can even boost your confidence. 

But it is important to know that those hair extensions are not only for use but also cared for. Because if not taken care of, it can lead to dull strands, matted hair, and worse it could damage your real hair.

How do you care for your hair extensions?

The best way to take care of your hair extensions is to treat them like they are your real hair. Because even if it doesn’t grow on your scalp, you paid for it. You invested money in it and as a return of investment, you can get the beauty and confidence that you want. And there are three effective ways to take good care of it. 

Hair extension care tips

There are two types of hair extensions; sewn-in and clip in hair extensions. They work as their names suggest. Either way, they both can use the same products. But the only difference is that the clip in hair extensions must be worked on detached from the scalp. Unlike sewn-in hair extensions, the work can be done on the scalp.

    1. Brush it properly
      It can be a simple and easy task, but it has to be done with a fragile. You need to avoid heavy brushing as you usually do with your real hair. Always remember to use a hair loop brush for hair extensions. It uses loops instead of bristles to glide through your hair with gentleness. With the loops, you can avoid snags or damage to your hair extensions.
    2. Use the right hair care products
      Aside from brushing, the use of the right hair care products is important too. It can help you achieve a glowing real hair and hair extension together. Others might be thinking that a regular shower can ruin the beauty of their hair extension. But the truth is, you can shower regularly and even swim with your sewn-in hair extensions. All that you need is to use the right shampoo. There are hair extension products that are available in the market. These are also available in different hair care products online stores. Make sure to use products that are free from sulfate, parabens, and ammonia contents. Keep in mind that roughly scrubbing the strips of the extension with the shampoo is delicate. It has to be done with light and gentle force.
    3. Touch up
      Touch up your tresses with the hair conditioner. Choose a hair conditioner that can add the right amount of moisture to the hair. Aside from the moisture, conditioners are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These contents help strengthen brittle and dry hair. Make sure that the conditioner to use provides UV protection. The best hair conditioner product is infused with French Argan oil. The French Argan oil also protects the color of the hair from fading.

How do you keep hair extensions looking healthy?

As you read the three tips 3 for caring for your hair extensions, you understood why these are essential. You must understand its significance. That way you will acknowledge why you must apply these tips in a regular manner. The use of these three helpful tips can add hydration to both natural hair and hair extension. You may try the different brands until you find the right one that will help you achieve a healthy-looking hair extension. 

Bonus tip, for those using a clip in hair extensions, remove it and place it back properly before going to bed. 

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